Slough Fort

I’ve had some of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had at this venue and of course I can’t wait to go back to experience more!

The fort has an eerie vibe as soon as you enter at night.

The first time I was there I went down into the magazine in a group of 6 people. I threw a stone in an attempt to get a response from who or whatever may be lurking there and after a while I walked on my own into the tunnels to find out where it went. That was when I heard something hiss.

Naturally I ran further down the tunnel (with the crew in tow who didn’t want me to go alone) to find the source of the noise but I found nothing. I was fascinated, gobsmacked, petrified and intrigued all at the same time.

I returned to the main tunnel to find out that at the same time I heard the hiss, my husband (who is a skeptic) heard something call my name. I just don’t know what to make of it. Of course as soon as I had the opportunity to return, I snapped it up.

The next time I visited this amazing venue, I decided not to take the protection often offered on these nights. For anyone wondering what protection is, it’s a ritual which ghost hunters often use to protect themselves from evil spirits. I don’t know why I opted not to take this (against the organisers wishes and attempts of persuasion) but I didn’t and on this occasion I sure wish I had.

Throughout the night there was various activity. I had some light up balls with me that require movement to light up. It was the first time I had used these on a ghost hunt and sure enough, on request they lit up – this was caught on video.

Then I went down into the magazine again. It’s a strange feeling in those tunnels but I had been there before and bear in mind I go ghost hunting several times a month often in similar environments. I don’t know what happened but around midnight I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion. I burst into tears, felt light headed and just not myself. The organisers quickly noticed something was wrong and helped calm me down and bring me back to normal. The “normal” explanation would be that I was overtired and that’s what caused me to react in this way. However, given this is something I do regularly and that I hadn’t been to work that day I had no reason to be overtired. I’m so used to being in that kind of environment so I honestly have no explanation of what happened.

I now make sure I have crystals and sage with me whenever I go ghost hunting to prevent that happening again.

The third time I went to this intriguing location didn’t disappoint either. I had the same light up balls with me and sure enough they went off again in the same location. I also took some some unusual photos this time round, which I’ve uploaded on another post.

Yet again, the magazine offered bizzare activity. It took a while for something to happen, but the motion detectors were set off for no logical explanation. They hadn’t gone off all night and didn’t go off again. Naturally we went down to investigate, which was when I heard a breath right up close to my ear. Naturally I assumed it was one of the others standing next to me as I knew someone was there. But when I turned to look, he was on the other side of the room and had been for a while. This meant this was neither his breath nor his presence I felt next to me.

I can’t help but think this venue has so much more to offer. I for one will definitely be back and I hope I get the opportunity to investigate Slough Fort again!

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