St Pancras Hotel

It’s taken me a while to write this post, but I’ve really been wanting to get this out.

Before Christmas, I was lucky enough to stay at the St Pancras Hotel in London. I didn’t organise the trip and so I had no prior knowledge of where we were staying or its history or reputation.

All throughout dinner I felt incredibly uneasy. The best way I can explain it is just that the atmosphere I was feeling didn’t match what was happening in real time. Almost like there was another layer. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was standing behind me, over my shoulder the whole time.

After a fairly good nights sleep I woke up with a couple of scratches on my face, which has never happened before.

A few days later I eventually got round to looking through some of the photos I’d taken whilst staying at the hotel and was stunned to find this photo.

I then did some research on the hotel and found that it has been widely reported that it is haunted, and has even appeared on Most Haunted Live.

I honestly don’t know what to make of my stay at this hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel in a historic building, and incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to stay there.

I think in a way my uneasy feeling was enhanced because I didn’t have my usual ghost hunting equipment and I wasn’t in that frame of mind or even expecting anything to happen. I really hope one day I’m able to go back there more prepared and gather more evidence!

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